What Should Your Gutter Estimate Include?

It is very important to understand all the details that should be included in a written gutter estimate. Below are the main components of what all gutter estimates should include. We suggest that the homeowner or business owner review each line item in detail with the gutter company. If a gutter estimate is missing one or more details of these key components, we recommend discussing them with the gutter contractor and confirm everything is included in the documentation before signing a contract. If you have any additional questions or would like a FREE gutter estimate contact us today.

Contact Information -  The company name, address, and phone number should appear somewhere on the estimate. It is important to use a local, established, and reputable gutter company.

Proof of Insurances -  It is important to verify that the gutter company has Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance for your protection.

Proof of Licenses -  Verify the gutter company has a state license and is also licensed in your city.

Labor - Labor details should be included in the estimate.

Old Gutters Removal - Removing and disposing of old gutters.

What Material You Use - There are several types of gutter materials including aluminum, copper, vinyl, and steel.

Gutter Size - The size needed is based on the design and pitch of your roof. The steeper a roof’s pitch, the more rainwater the gutter will collect in a downpour. Therefore, a larger gutter may be needed so the gutter will not be overwhelmed.

Height - The height is dependent on how tall your house is and how many levels or floors it has.

Number of corners: Installing corners is the most time-consuming aspect of the work, so homes with more corners will take more labor to install.

Color - Deep/rich colors, usually called premium colors, tend to cost more than a standard color choice.

Fascia & Soffit Repair - Rotted fascia must be replaced before new gutters are installed and will be an additional charge for labor and material. The fascia board is normally attached to the soffit board and usually needs to be replaced with the fascia board if damaged.

Extras - Additional costs include adding gutter guards, splash blocks, rain diverters, and downspout extenders.

Protection - It is important that the gutter company protects the siding, windows, landscaping, and anything else that could be damaged during the gutter installation process.

Debris Clean Up - All debris should be thoroughly cleaned up and a final walk through should be performed to pick up any remaining trash during the gutter process.

How Long is the Estimate Valid For - Most estimates are valid for 30 days due to fluctuations in material and overhead costs.

Material & Workmanship Warranty - Material and workmanship warranties can vary and should be detailed in the estimate.

Terms & Payment Schedule  - The contract terms and payment details should be included in the estimate/contract. 

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