What Should Your Roof Estimate Include?

It is very important to understand all the details that should be included in a written roof estimate. Below is information regarding what should always be included in a roof replacement estimate.

Contact Information -  The company name, address, and phone number should appear somewhere on the estimate. It is important to use a local, established, and reputable roofing company.

Proof of Insurances -  It is important to verify that the roofing company has Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance for your protection.

Proof of Licenses -  Verify the roofing company has a state roofing license and is also licensed in your city.

Labor - Labor details should be included in the estimate.

Roof Removal Details - It is important to verify that the roof removal includes the felt and nails to ensure a clean roof substrate for the new roof installation.

Damaged Decking Replacement - It is very important to ensure any damaged wood decking will be repaired and that the pricing is included in the estimate. 

Valley Protection - Additional protection should be installed in the valleys and the estimate should detail the type of material being installed.

Underlayment - The type of underlayment that will be installed should be included in the estimate. Synthetic underlayment is more durable than asphalt saturated paper felt. 

Starter Shingle - The type of starter shingle used should be included on the estimate. Some companies will use a 3-tab shingle which does not provide as much wind protection and water proofing as a starter shingle, which can make the roof more vulnerable to wind damage and leaks.

Type & Brand of Shingle Used - The type of shingle and manufacturer should be included in the estimate.

Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles - Type of hip and ridge cap shingle and manufacturer should be included in the estimate. 3-tab shingles do not provide the same wind protection and warranties as a hip and ridge shingle which is designed specifically for the hips and ridges of your roof.

Attic Ventilation - The ventilation details should be included in the estimate. A proper ventilation system is very important to remove heat from the attic, eliminate moisture, and mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems. Proper ventilation systems also reduces energy bills, extends the life of shingles, insulation, and other building components. 

Flashing - Any flashing details should be included in the estimate. It is important to have proper flashing in good condition. Any flashing that is not in good condition or is not properly installed should be replaced.

Pipe Boots/Vents - Pipe boots should always be replaced when replacing the roof. Vents that are not in good condition should also be replaced.

Protection - It is important that the roofing company protects the siding, windows, landscaping, and anything else that could be damaged during the roof replacement process.

Dump Trailer/Dumpster - Most roofing companies use dump trailers to collect and haul away the debris. Some may use dumpsters, which is not as convenient to the homeowner and can sometimes be left in the driveway for days.

Debris Clean Up - All debris should be thoroughly cleaned up and a magnet sweep should be performed to pick up any nails during the roof process.

How Long is the Estimate Valid For - Most estimates are valid for 30 days due to fluctuations in material and overhead costs.

Material & Workmanship Warranty - Material and workmanship warranties can vary and should be detailed in the estimate.

Terms & Payment Schedule  - The contract terms and payment details should be included in the estimate/contract. 

Above are the main components of what all roof estimates should include. We suggest that the homeowner or business owner review each line item in detail with the roofing company. If a roof estimate is missing one or more details of these key components, we recommend discussing them with the roofing contractor and confirm everything is included in the documentation before signing a contract. If you have any additional questions or would like a FREE roof replacement estimate contact us today.

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