Roof Inspection

USA Roofing & Gutters, LLC has inspected thousands of roofs since 2003. The roof safeguards your entire building structure. Therefore, it is vital to employ a reputable, insured, and experienced roofing contractor for the inspection. We offer several types of residential and commercial roof inspections for property owners in Central and North Alabama.

Storm Damage Roof Inspection: 

Roof damage caused by storms may not be visible from the ground. In Alabama, storms are a common occurrence throughout the year and it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected after a severe storm moves through your area.

  • When performing an inspection for storm damage, we will inspect the roof for wind and hail damage that may have been caused from a storm. For shingle roofs, we will inspect for creased, lifted, or missing shingles that may have been damaged from wind. We will inspect for hail damage impacts that can cause bruising and pitting to the shingles. We also look for signs of hail damage that may not be very noticeable until the shingles begin to leak in the future, such as granules that are missing in the impact area or the fiberglass shingle mat that is torn and can allow water to penetrate through the effected areas.  For metal roofs, we will inspect for dents caused from hail damage, lifted panels caused from wind damage, punctures, paint condition, vents, and flashing. For commercial roofing, we will look for signs of hail damage including punctures, bruising, dents, pitting, and any damage caused by wind. We will also inspect for collateral hail damage including; vents, flashing, siding, gutters, a/c unit, or anything else that may have been damaged from hail. We will document any damage we find with pictures and/or videos and review them with our customers, as well as discuss the best course of action to repair any damages found.

Roof Condition Inspection and Report:

We work with many real estate customers who are purchasing or selling a home or commercial building. It is always a good idea to have the roof inspected before purchasing or selling a property as the roof is vital to protecting the structure of the home or building and repairs may be needed to pass an inspection or to obtain financing and insurance. Most home inspection companies will not climb on the roof to perform a full roof inspection due to the danger involved and lack of roofing experience. We as a roofing company do not charge a fee for the roof inspection for homeowners or building owners unless a report is needed. If the inspection is for the purchase of the home or building we charge a fee for the roof inspection and report. We will document our findings with pictures and or video and provide a written roof condition report. We will gladly recommend any repairs needed and provide an estimate to perform the repairs.

  • We will inspect the entire roof to determine the condition of the roofing, pipes, vents, flashing, and ventilation. For shingle roofs, we will inspect the shingle installation and check for granule loss, exposed fiberglass, layers of shingles installed and the overall condition of the roofing. For metal roofs, we will inspect the metal installation, screws, and check for dents, rust, paint fade, as well as inspect the overall condition. For commercial roofing, we will inspect the roof installation, flashing, wall coping, roof protrusions, drains, seams, proper drainage, roof drains, and the overall roof condition. Lastly, for all three roofing systems, we will also inspect the roof for exposed nails, proper ventilation, proper flashing, rusted vents, and caulking.     

Leak and/or Repair Inspection:

To try to determine the cause of the leak and pinpoint the leak area or repairs needed, we will start by performing an inspection in the attic area if it is accessible. We will inspect for damaged decking, water stains, wet insulation, sheetrock damage, mold and mildew, and any other signs of water infiltration.

  • When performing a leak and repair inspection we will inspect the entire roof and all penetrations on the roof so we can try to locate the cause of leak and repairs needed. We will inspect the condition of the roof, pipes, pipe flashing, vents, flashing, ventilation, and caulking. We will also inspect the entire roof system for hail damage, wind damage, punctures, and exposed nails.
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