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The Dangers of a Commercial Roof Self-Inspection

As a business owner, you cut costs wherever possible and sometimes that means doing something yourself. Something that may seem like you can do yourself is a roof inspection (and even minor repairs), especially if you have a flat roof system. There are several dangers that come into play if you choose to do this, beyond the obvious risk of falling off the roof and getting injured. You can also void your roof warranty. That’s why we discourage this practice and ask that you contact us, your commercial roofing experts in Birmingham, AL – Decatur, AL – Huntsville, AL. Now if you’re just wanting to take a quick look at the roof and remove any debris, that’s fine if you’re comfortable with it, but let’s look at some of the dangers of a self-inspection:

Safety Hazards

Obviously, getting too close to the edge of your roof is dangerous, because stepping on something or slipping could lead to a fall. Be aware of skylights and compromised decking also. If you’re trying to do an inspection because of a leak or other concern, stay off of your roof and contact us instead. Your roof could be unsafe!

Voiding Warranties

Making any minor repairs on a roof yourself might void a warranty, even inadvertently. Roof warranties (in the terms and conditions) should specify who is allowed to make repairs and what materials they can use. Obviously, voiding a warranty can cost you in the long run.

Possible OSHA violations

Keep in mind that once you start performing any work on the roof it becomes a job site, and that is subject to safety regulations. As a business owner, you are most likely familiar with at least some OSHA rules and know that you must be in compliance with them, especially if you involve any other employees or partners with the project, no matter the size.

Things you can do on the roof yourself

We’re not saying you can never get on your roof, rather we want you to be aware of the dangers from every angle. There are things you can do to help you and your roof out, however, they may still be dangerous. You can unclog drains to prepare for heavy rain or a storm. You can remove debris and look for obvious damage such as lifted or missing roofing, dents, tears, punctures or holes from tree damage, etc.- after a storm. Just don’t try to make the repairs yourself. Leave that to the USA Roofing experts.

Why hire a commercial roofing contractor in Birmingham, AL – Decatur, AL – Huntsville, AL

While you may be trying to save yourself some money by doing it yourself, you could endanger yourself and even your company. Voiding your roof warranty or failing to comply with OSHA standards could put your business at risk. A professional roof inspection from USA Roofing & Gutters, LLC means we will find the small problems before they become major issues. A lot of time, we can repair minor issues on the same day of the inspection. We may also notice issues, including storm damage, that may lead to an insurance claim that will help cover it! Just another reason why you should leave it to the professionals.  Contact us today to schedule a commercial roofing inspection.

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