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Should You Switch to a Metal Roof?

Your asphalt shingle roof is starting to show its age. It had a good run, but it’s time for a roof replacement. Whether this is your first time having a roof replacement or you’ve had to have one in each house you’ve owned, you might have the same question- should I switch to a metal roof this time? They’re increasingly popular and you like the look of your neighbor’s metal roof. But you’re unsure of the benefits beyond that. If you ever have questions about metal roof installation in Birmingham, AL or Huntsville, AL, we’re the ones to ask! Metal roofs are long-lasting, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and low maintenance. They’re not for everyone, but they might be the right option for you! Here’s why:


  • Long-lasting durability

A metal roof can last sometimes 50 years before signs of deterioration begin to show! They’re extremely durable, designed to withstand driving rain, high winds, ice, extreme cold and heat, and snow. Metal roofs are less likely to suffer fire damage or failure therefore a metal roof could also lower your home insurance premiums.


  • Increases Property Value

A building with a metal roof typically has a 1-6 percent higher property value, since metal roofing last longer and has a higher one-time cost. It can be a huge selling point if you plan to put your house or building on the market, since it’s appealing for a buyer to sign a contract on a structure that won’t need a roof replacement for a long time.


  • Color options

A metal roof can be very aesthetically pleasing. They can come in virtually any color, so your home’s exterior can look exactly like you want it to. Manufacturer’s partner with reputable paint companies who develop paint systems specifically designed for metal panels. The paint on metal roofs has been tested to make sure it will withstand years of weather without fading or chipping. Trusted metal roofs are backed by paint warranties.


  • Environmentally Friendly

There’s no doubt that metal roofing is an eco-friendly option. Metal roofing can be recycled and/or repainted for future use. Certain elements of a metal roof may be previously recycled materials as well.


  • Energy-Efficient

Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling cost by 10-25%. This keeps you from having to adjust your thermostat as much, which of course leads to energy savings.


  • Low Maintenance

The level of upkeep needed to maintain a metal roof is minimal if the roof was correctly installed. General upkeep would include checking for leaves, branches, or other debris that could get stuck on the roof and in the gutters. Metal roofs can be cleaned as well, although it’s best to leave that to a professional company.


It’s important to keep in mind that we’re not necessarily saying it’s superior to other roofing materials, just that it is a popular and feasible option for your home. In the end, it’s up to you to decide based on the criteria that’s most important to you. Also keep in mind that if you have a Homeowners Association, they will give input on your roofing material and color. When you’re ready to discuss metal roof installation at your home in Central and North AL, Contact us today!

6 thoughts on “Should You Switch to a Metal Roof?”

  1. Elina Brooks

    It was interesting to learn that metal roofs can last for as long as 50 years before signs of deterioration start to show since they’re extremely durable even under extreme weather conditions. I need a roof for the construction of my detached house soon, so I’m considering opting for a metal roof. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a metal roof fabrication service to contact soon.

  2. Lily Bridgers

    It’s good news to hear that a metal roof is incredibly sturdy, made to endure driving rain, severe winds, ice, extreme cold and heat, and snow, and may survive for up to 50 years before showing indications of degradation. My mom’s old and rusty roof was destroyed and left with a huge hole in the middle after a major storm hit our town. Anyway, she learned from that for sure so I can see how she’ll lean toward metal roofing once the reconstruction starts. They just need to find a reputable roofer first.

  3. Thanks for posting about metal roofs. Everyone must have metal roofs, as these are the best. I also have a metal roof; it has great aesthetic appeal and requires very little maintenance. If problems like leakage or water damage occur, EPDM liquid butyl rubber resolves them effectively with just its single coat application and gives a better alternative to costly roof replacement. DIY EPDM liquid butyl rubber will last longer than 15 years. It is a liquid, solvent based, one coat, no primer needed, rubber roof sealant that has long lasting, durable and highly adhesive properties due to its chemical cross linking nature that can withstand ponding water 365 days a year making the metal roof extremely resistant in shrill weather conditions and exhibits a hard, finished and aesthetically pleasing look for a fraction of cost.

    1. usacrocker

      You’re welcome! You made some great points as well. Thanks for sharing!

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