How to File Roof Insurance Claim

Step by Step Guide on Filing an Insurance Claim with USA Roofing


If you’ve had recent damage to your roof due to wind, hail, falling branches, or storms, you might have found yourself struggling with the insurance side of things. These types of insurance claims can either be smooth or become a hassle to deal with.


  • Call USA Roofing & Gutters to schedule a free damage evaluation:
    • We will inspect the damages and discuss the best course of action to take. We will also take pictures, fill out a detailed report and document any necessary repairs. If an insurance claim is needed we will be glad to assist with the claims process.


  • When an insurance claim is needed to file for damages: 
    • Contact your insurance company to file a claim for damages.
    • The insurance company will assign an adjuster to handle your claim. The adjuster will contact you to schedule a time to evaluate the damages. Write down the adjusters phone number and call USA Roofing & Gutters so we can meet with the adjuster at the scheduled time. If we have a scheduling conflict we will contact the adjuster to reschedule the appointment.


  • Meeting with the Adjuster:
    • We will meet with the insurance adjuster for the inspection and together, we will evaluate the damages. In this meeting, we will also discuss the scope of work and the details of the damages.


  • If Claim is Approved:
    • Once you’ve received a scope of loss/statement and the 1st check, make a copy and give us a call to schedule an appointment to complete the work order for your new roof (including shingles, colors, upgrades, and additional work).  If the check is over a certain amount, your insurance company will usually add your mortgage company to the check and you will need to send it to them to have it endorsed.
    • Your insurance company will use their own estimating system and will pay the fair market price to complete the repairs. If there are any issues with the estimate, we’ll contact your insurance company to have it corrected and send over all the appropriate documentation. However, we do not provide our estimate unless the insurance company requests it.
    • The only out-of-pocket expense that you should have as the homeowner is the insurance deductible or any additional work or upgrades.


  • After Completion:
    • We will send a final invoice to the insurance company with the total for the work that we have completed. Within about 7-10 days you will receive the final payment from your insurance company. After you’ve received the final check, give us a call to schedule an appointment to finalize the job.


Still not sure on how to file your insurance claim? Give us a call, we’d love to help! Contact us today

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